Elizabeth Rawson – Author, Teacher, Caregiver

Elizabeth Rawson M.A.

Elizabeth Rawson has a Master’s in Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy. She has worked the last 16 years in the elder care arena, providing supportive services to the unpaid family caregiver, including assessment, care planning and coordinating referrals to services for family caregivers and their loved ones. 

Elizabeth has been a caregiver three times in her life. Elizabeth knows what it means to be the caregiver managing the many levels of tasks required in the caregiving role. Elizabeth and her husband Gerry cared for Louise, Gerry’s mother, until her death at 86. Their personal story is also shared in her book.


thumbnail of Faciltator’s manual front 2016Elizabeth developed and facilitates The Caregiver Advantage, an educational training in self-care focusing on caregiver resilience through interactive creative exercises and relaxation practices.


Elizabeth is available for presentations and workshops
on caregiving and the caregiver’s journey. 

Elizabeth’s Goals:

  1. To help each caregiver become educated in methods of self-care while caring for another, with minimal fear, guilt or resentment.
  2. To explore the options necessary physically, emotionally and financially to avoid crisis situations during the caregiving journey.
  3. To have families, businesses and society better understand how vitally important it is that the caregiver be supported and sustained during the course of caregiving.