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Who Cares? A Companion Guidebook for the Family Caregiver’s Journey, takes a very unique and creative approach to helping the caregiver meet challenges and find personal enrichment in the process. Accompanied by audio CDs and lovely artwork by the author and others, this book teaches survival skills through a wide variety of artprojects in all kinds of media—for self-expression, healing hurts, and fun!

The CDs offer relaxation exercises and soothing music. The author writes in a very loving and understanding manner which honors the caregiver and speaks knowingly of the frustration, grief, anger, sadness and deepest feelings that haunt the caregiver soul. By use of color, patterns, shapes, doodles, paints, modeling clay, word association and other therapeutic tools, caregivers are gently encouraged to get in touch with their deepest selves and to nurture their unique personalities. In this way, caregivers can feel more in control of their own lives and more fulfilled as a person apart from their care- receivers.

Who Cares? is an extremely comprehensive examination and healing process for the caregiver psyche.

Review by:     Terri Corcoran Co-Editor, Mainstay

Public Relations Chair Well Spouse® Association


Who Cares?  A Companion Guidebook gives a refreshing insight into the ultimate needs of the caregiver. This book stands out as a forerunner in understanding the true needs of those who selflessly care for their loved ones. Who Cares? addresses the creative abilities and inner resources of each caregiver: strengthening their sense of who they are as an individual. The practical guidelines on the day-to-day difficulties caregivers face are given in a unique and uplifting manner. The colorful layout and original paintings by the author, Elizabeth Rawson, gives the reader a relaxing approach to reduce the stress of their current situation. This is a true treasure and a great gift for the caregivers in your family and work place. I am using the book and accompanying audio CD’s as a resource for my own clients.

Review by:     Beth Hieb, BA, MPH, Caregiver Support Program

UC Davis Health System, Sacramento, California


This book is an amazing journey of self-discovery.  The caregiver, through a variety of creative and unexpected exercises, learns the importance of self-care, and self-awareness. The author, Elizabeth Rawson, defines what it means to care for yourself, and then teaches you how to implement self-care practice into your daily life.  After each chapter you will feel renewed and better prepared to manage the stressors of care giving.

Review by:    Yvonne Speer, Program Coordinator Alzheimer’s/Dementia Program

Kaiser Permanente


“Thank you for all your help when I had almost given up hope. You were a great support to us with my mom. I appreciate your patience and kindness and for listening with your heart. Now you have shared YOU in your book!”

Cheryl, Caregiver


Thanks, Elizabeth! I received the book today and now the first ten minutes of every day are for  me! Thanks for creating it!

Barbara, Caregiver


Your book is awesome! The little mini therapy sessions built right in are great.  I haven’t seen anything like that before and that is hard to come up with a unique idea when writing a book!   Good luck with your book sales. I love your work!

Pamela, Caregiver


“Your book is amazing. As a person who participated in an Alzheimer’s art project, I now understand its value and significance more thouroughly. I particularly appreciated your story as a caregiver and how you and your family used art as meaningful expression.   Your book is a must in my perspective for any caregvier who wants to make the caregiving journey as personally fulfilling as possible. As a former caregiver for my dad, I understand more so why my hands-on “beading” work was a wonderful outlet for me. As a professional caregiver, it still is.   I have enjoyed your book cover to cover; it is truely amazing.”

Review by: Jean M. Clark, LCSW


A Companion Guidebook  for the Family Caregiver's Journey