The Caregiver Advantage is Relaunching

The Caregiver Advantage is Relaunching

Join us as we Relaunch

Learn strategies for practical ways to cope with the “new normal” as today’s caregiver. Recognize the power of knowledge and self-advocacy builds a foundation of support so you are not “going it alone”. Find the permission to break the silence of how hard this job as the caregiver really is.
TCA is about encouraging you to find your self-compassion to honor your grit and resilience. That we are welcoming more into our community through social networking is just another sign of how we grow so we can serve more caregivers.

The caregiver role is so vital to our families and communities and not appreciated enough. Many are experiencing increasing caregiving responsibilities while they struggle to achieve balance, joy, and fulfillment in their own lives. My passion is for everyone to have the outer & inner resources so they may live the highest quality of life that they can, on both sides of the caregiver – patient equation.

I am choosing to re-open this website to again help people – with a refreshed Blog, introducing personal Caregiver Coaching and offering my book Who Cares?
Yes, I have worked with many individual caregivers and support groups for caregivers; what I am still learning is that sharing with your caregiving peers is an incredibly powerful way to guide you towards empowerment.

A friend just shared this:
When someone becomes empowered
There is a little less fear.
Where there’s a little less fear,
There is a little less anger.
Where there is a little less anger,
There is a little less hate.
Where there’s a little less hate,
There is a little less conflict.
Then there’s a little more peace
And where there’s a little more peace
There’s a little more love.
Where there’s a little more love,
Someone becomes EMPOWERED.
(written by Allen and Mary Ellen Davis)

Join us in experiencing a greater sense of motivation to overcome our obstacles by deepening our resiliency, pooling our resources, and admiring our strengths!


About the Author:

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Rawson, MA, the founder and principal of The Caregiver Advantage. I am dedicated to the support, encouragement and renewal of the family caregiver. I have a Master’s in Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy. I am an Author, Caregiver Coach, Educational Trainer, and Advocate.

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  1. Julie C November 1, 2018 at 12:38 pm - Reply


    Your unfailing passion and dedication to support caregivers during their journey is inspiring. I have learned so much about the needs of caregivers while working with you and TCA, and I look forward to following your blog.

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