Finding ways to make your life as a caregiver easier can be a challenge. A new design out of necessity by a family who has several members taking numerous medications, PillMap™ is a companion to the traditional weekly pill container. Caregivers customize it once, placing a sample of the actual meds into compartments and noting beside each one the prescription name, dosage, frequency, and additional instructions.

Your daily medication guide, PillMap™ takes the guesswork out of medication management. It is easily customized to fit patient and caregiver needs, including maintaining consistency and safety in hand-offs between multiple caregivers. We’ve poured our learning and our care into PillMap™, so that you can put your time and your attention to the one you love, instead of to pill bottles.

In an article called “Death by Prescription,” US News reports that at least 128,000 Americans die every year taking legally and regularly-prescribed pills because they fail to follow proper dosage instructions.  “It’s easy to make a mistake when taking medications, especially if you have multiple medical conditions to contend with. Often people will take the wrong dose or take a follow-up dose too soon after the first one. And sometimes the professionals make mistakes, too, such as a pharmacist dispensing medications in the wrong concentration. Unfortunately, these types of mistakes are on the rise, according to a study published in the journal, Clinical Toxicology.

As someone who had this issue with a loved one and has worked with families and experienced the rush to the ER for complications in medications, I truly see the benefit of this visual and orderly method of preparing medications.  I am pleased share this daily medication guide, PillMap™



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