Just ASK!

Just ASK!

So in 2019 I got to bump up levels of  care for my husband, and help with support care for my daughter’s diagnosis of cancer and her family. Hubby is past crisis and back to daily management. My daughter is doing very well after Jan – July intense Herbal Kemo with recent tests showing no new cancer.

After helping caregivers for over 25 years as a social worker, I am finding my gratitude in noticing my struggles as the PERSONAL caregiver and seeing where my support comes from.

  • BIGGEST LESSON:  JUST ASK!! No one can help if you don’t tell them what YOU need!  So I thought I had all the answers….not so much when in the midst myself!

I am asking each of you to pass on     TheCaregiverAdvantage.com       to every caregiver you know.

Together we can make a difference.




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Hi! I'm Elizabeth Rawson, MA, the founder and principal of The Caregiver Advantage. I am dedicated to the support, encouragement and renewal of the family caregiver. I have a Master’s in Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy. I am an Author, Caregiver Coach, Educational Trainer, and Advocate.

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