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Hi! I'm Elizabeth Rawson, MA, the founder and principal of The Caregiver Advantage. I am dedicated to the support, encouragement and renewal of the family caregiver. I have a Master’s in Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy. I am an Author, Caregiver Coach, Educational Trainer, and Advocate.
2 02, 2019

A Chance to See That We Are Not Alone


Caregivers have unique needs which must be considered to help the caregiver not just survive, but THRIVE in this demanding role. Many of you do not even recognize that you are the

A Chance to See That We Are Not Alone2019-02-02T15:26:44+00:00
13 12, 2018

Small Steps Each Day


One Step at a time Baby steps are a fun and exciting time. I remember some of my son’s first steps were when he let go of the sheet I was

Small Steps Each Day2018-12-13T10:57:27+00:00
12 11, 2018

Saying Yes to the Best Holiday Ever


Holidays can hold memories of special times and places over the years. Often the common emotion that caregivers report is guilt, but especially during the holidays. We cannot return to past

Saying Yes to the Best Holiday Ever2018-11-12T15:22:24+00:00
29 10, 2018

The Caregiver Advantage is Relaunching


Join us as we Relaunch Learn strategies for practical ways to cope with the "new normal" as today’s caregiver. Recognize the power of knowledge and self-advocacy builds a foundation of support

The Caregiver Advantage is Relaunching2018-10-29T10:36:21+00:00
15 10, 2018

Quick tips towards Empowerment


As caregivers, empowerment is especially important in finding a balance between providing the care needed for our loved ones and no longer always striving to meet the other’s expectations at the expense

Quick tips towards Empowerment2018-10-29T12:34:13+00:00