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Products & Services Created to Meet the Needs of Today’s Caregivers

Caregiving has changed.

With today’s modern medicine caregivers are being asked to provide care for longer durations than in the past.

Our products address the needs of this expanded caregiving journey.

Our Products

  • Who Cares? A Companion Guidebook for the Family Caregiver’s Journey
  • Who Cares? Meditation CD’s
  • The Caregiver Advantage: Educational Curriculum

Organizations and support groups can bulk order books at a discount. Send an e-mail request for more information or to place an order.

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Our Services

  • Professional Caregiver Coaching
  • Conference/Symposium Speaking
  • Workshop Facilitating

Elizabeth has shown she is not afraid to risk caring about her caregivers. She models the courage and strength it takes to support and train those caring for their loved ones. Thanks for your hard work, your long years of advocacy for caregivers.

Jean Clark, LMFT

Your Coaching makes me a happier person. Who knew? You have a refreshing and real take on things. When I am stuck in the “grumpies” of yet another task, I remember your voice and humor. Your insights were calming and supportive to me. I am feeling better able to cope with all I do. Thank you!

Jan, Caregiver

“I believe that most caregivers find that they inherit a situation where they just kind of move into caregiving. It’s not a conscious decision for most caregivers, and they are ultimately left with the responsibility of working while still trying to be the caregiver, the provider, and the nurturer.” – Sharon Law Tucker