Consultation/Caregiver Coaching 60 Minutes


60 minute Consultation/Caregiver Coaching with Elizabeth.

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Be heard, be supported and be guided with Caregiver Coaching

There’s no sugarcoating it, Caregiving can be a difficult and thankless job that comes with a double helping of strong emotions.

My passion is helping people to live well even in the midst of the stress of their caregiving. I have discovered establishing emotional resilience in family caregivers includes the inner permission for creating your own personal escape plan from all the to-do lists, the doctor appointments, and the {fill-in-the-blank} tasks, that can make life crazy making. I strive to share a message of the OK-ness of rediscovering the awesome, remarkable person you are, as YOU, AND being the caregiver. My goal in mentoring and coaching caregivers is to help each caregiver become practiced in specific tips for staying physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually well.


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